jueves, 5 de febrero de 2009

G-Star RAW (commonly called just G-Star) is a Dutch clothing company that produces fashionable urban clothing. It became a very popular cothing brand among students in Europe. Their clothing is frequently used in runway modeling. It was showcased at the New York Fashion Week in 2008. [1]
G-Star was originally named Gap Star but decided to change their name upon going international. The brand specializes in making RAW denim - an unwashed, untreated denim in which all jeans start out as after being constructed. G-Star is influenced by European fashion trends as well as by military clothing. Inspirations of their designs come from vintage military apparel bought from around the world. Some examples include special mobile-phone pockets and zippered arm pockets on jackets.
G-Star's flagship store is located in New York City, United States; however, the brand is far more famous in the Netherlands, Germany, the United Kingdom, Spain, and other European countries. It is planned that the flagship store will go when G-Star has established itself in the American clothing market.

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